Who we are.

Disney Financial have been in the business for over 30 years helping people reach their financial goals. Whether you have a perfect credit or have faced some challenges, we’ll do everything we can to find the best San Diego Home Loan  rate for you.  At Disney Financial we go the extra mile to assist clients who have been turned down for Home Mortgages and or Insurance.  We generate  reports and analysis that will assist in making an educated decision with your home mortgage loan. Most importantly, we will show you how this decision benefits your financial future over time by investing some of your monthly savings in either debt reduction or asset accumulation. You will see how a small adjustment can make a life changing difference and save thousands of dollars over the course of your San Diego Home Loan. 

Disney Financial has become famous for many reasons.
We have been named in Mortgage Originator's Nationwide Top 200 List!

"We're not Disneyland, but we do make your dreams come true"


Core Values

At Disney Financial, our core values are our cornerstone. When you decide to do business with Disney Financial, you are choosing to work with the most reliable and trustworthy mortgage professionals in the business. Every client that enters our office is given the utmost professional courtesy and given the tools to make educated financial decisions. Their success is based on the superior service support, and products we offer, In turn, our success is based on their individual success. Therefore, we consider all of our customers, employees, and business affiliates to be a part of what we like to call, “The Disney Family”. 

    • Bold, Consistent Vision  Deliver a compelling, shared vision that focuses on the success of our customers and our vendors — and is consistently communicated to them and the rest of the world. 

    • Focused  Stay focused on the success of our customers and mortgage affiliates. Never get distracted.  

    • Relentless  Always inspire ourselves and our business affiliates to a higher state of service, performance, quality, speed, and ultimately, competitiveness. 

    • Respectful  Be professional in every interaction with employees, customers, and business affiliates. Treat everyone with the utmost honesty, respect, courtesy, directness, and always follow through.  

    • Extraordinary teamwork 

    • Customer Satisfaction  Make each customer and business affiliate a Disney Financial evangelist. Do everything possible to create solutions. Do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. Be positive, available, and honest. 

    •  Accountable  Be accountable in every situation. If a mistake is made, own it, correct it, communicate it, and help everyone learn from it. 

    • Intelligent  Out-think the competition. Constantly drive for improvement. And work to bring the best ideas and practices to Disney Financial, its customers, and business affiliates. 

    • Open, honest communication  Display and act with the utmost of integrity...Always 

  • Listen well, act quickly  Listen well, entertain the ideas of others (both inside and outside the company) and seek counsel. Then act decisively. 

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